Our Sustainability Commitment

At UEMS, sustainability means managing and operating a responsible business alongside securing profits and driving long-term value creation. Our approach to sustainability is focused on striking a balance between our economic aspirations and our commitment to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) responsibilities. Our sustainability initiatives are supported by key policies, systems, processes, standard operating procedures and best practices. These are communicated across our operations through strategic engagement channels and methods.


We share our commitment towards becoming a climate-positive company with our employees, partners, customers, and suppliers through driving resource efficiency and empowering them with technologies to improve operational and energy efficiencies


We believe in creating a positive impact on all the lives we touch, particularly our employees and local communities. In extending our social impact outreach, we engage in various activities that leave a meaningful imprint on society.


We consciously monitor the way we conduct our work in an organisation based on approved guidelines, policies and procedures. We are cognisant to any violation to our code of ethics and conflict of interests, in our dealings with all our stakeholders.

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