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UEMS regionally serves over 5 million sq. feet in the commercial segment. We deliver customized solutions to clients in business, manufacturing and government, allowing our clients to focus on their business, and not their facility needs. 

UEMS clients get the most in-demand knowledge, service and technology all from a single-source; reducing costs, labour and liability with record success.


We were awarded the managing agent contract for both Shirmei East & Gourmet east Kitchens under HDB Industrial Properties Group located at Bedok North from October 2012. The Property Executives cum Fire Safety Managers would carry out works such as routine building inspections, attend to complaints/requests from tenants and liaising and supervision of contractors nominated by HDB. Shimei East Kitchen is a 6-storey high, 101-unit food industries building while Gourmet East Kitchen of similar height is a 205-unit food industries building.

UEMS Integrated Facility Management service offerings for the Commercial segment include:

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