UEMS understands that care and the environment are interdependent at every level. They provide clinical support services that are core to the patient care process and directly impact the entire healthcare continuum. Regionally, UEMS Solutions currently serves over 10 healthcare clients, in access of 5 million sq.ft. providing integrated facility maintenance and clinical technology services.

UEMS clients are supported by a diverse network of people who influence everything from patient care to employee satisfaction. Ultimately, the culture created makes quality care possible. Patient satisfaction, employee retention, patient throughput, and operational efficiency it’s all connected. No one understands this better than UEMS Solutions. That’s why we are at the core of quality care.

UEMS Integrated Facility Management service offerings for the Healthcare segment include:


Patient transporters are often a patient’s first and last impression of the Hospital, and they spend a significant amount of time with patients and their families. Therefore, they have a direct impact on a patient’s perspective of their total healthcare experience.

Time and transit also influence patient throughout and clinical productivity. In short, the speed at which things are transported throughout a healthcare facility directly impacts patient care and the revenue associated with that care. Today, a hospital’s clinical productivity, and patient, nursing, and physician satisfaction can be significantly impacted through timely and courteous transport of patients, along with efficient transport of specimens to the central lab and medical supplies to patient units.



A member of the National University Health System (NUHS) it is the principal teaching hospital of the NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine (YLL SoM).We have been providing Portering services since 2003. The hospital consists of more than 120 porters who work 24/7 and are involved in Patient and Non-Patient moves.