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Clean, aesthetically beautiful and welcoming stone flooring of your property is critical to make a great first impression for your visitors. As we understand how important well-maintained stone flooring is to your business, we commit to providing you with the best stone care service to facilitate your business growth.

We are specialized in maintaining a range of natural stone and ceramic surfaces, including floor surfaces, countertops, tables and other areas at peak polish levels. Our track record experience, in-depth understanding of various stone floorings, and state-of-art technologies enable us to offer you stone-specific and highly effective stone care service.

In order to propose the right solution for your stone care, our experienced operatives will go to your premises to assess your flooring. Based on the understanding of your flooring, we will be able to advise you on stone-specific and cost-effective solutions.

Our Octopus Stone-care System is an improved version of what is typically used in the stone care industry locally. The difference between the Octopus machine and the typically used machine lies in the rotating speed of the burnishing head. The higher the speed will give rise to a floor that produces high shine. The system is suited for use on materials, such as stone, concrete, marble granite, terrazzo, and even wood.

The design of the machine allows it to go right up to the skirting of floor up to 1/8 inch to the wall’s edge. This performance is not possible in other conventional scrubbing equipment.

Our Octopus Stone-care System is an improved version of what is typically used in the stone care industry locally

The advantages of our system for your stone caring are:

  • Faster-speed and better shine
  • Agile and easy to use
  • 6 functions in one machine
  • Excellent polishing results on granite
  • Proven 1/8” to wall edge polishing
  • Suitable for stone, concrete, terrazzo and hardwood.

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