Meet Our team

We are a diverse group of individuals who believe in collaboration and partnership with customers and employees alike to weave our success story. 

Our team of leaders bring years of experience in business to provide clear, effective, and strategic direction to the team, in order to bring the best services to our clients in the region. They stay committed to UEMS sustainability practices by actively participating in environmental and social impact programmes throughout the year.

Tan Cheh Tian
CEO, UEMS Singapore & Taiwan
Srinidhi Gopalakrishna
CTO, UEMS Singapore & Taiwan
Josephine Wong
General Manager, UEMS Singapore
Eileen Koh
Director, Healthcare
Zhang Qiang
Director, Business Development & Marketing
Karyn Cheng
Deputy Director, Human Resources
Teresa Chai
Deputy Director, Finance
Martin Lim
Head, Workplace Safety & Quality Assurance