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External facade of buildings that have not been regularly cleaned will not only show signs of aesthetic deterioration but also a reduction in the lifespan of the building facade. Carbon emissions, rain and wind staining are all common and unavoidable causes for facade deterioration or decay. Other causes that ‘disfigure’ the building facade includes defective rainwater drainage, corroding metal parts and creeper plans and other organic growth.

Regular cleaning of the external facade will protect the buildings in the long term as it prevents further damages. Furthermore, if the exteriors are cleaned regularly, less abrasive approach is required for the cleaning works to be effectively carried out.

Our External Facade Maintenance Team consists of staff who are highly trained, qualified and experienced in carrying out demanding external facade cleaning jobs for various building facade types, be it glass, granite, metals or synthetic.

We will not adopt an indiscriminate cleaning method but will visit the building to assess:

  • the type of substrates or facade type (glass, stone, cladding, metal, etc);
  • the most appropriate and suitable cleaning method desirable; and
  • any limitations or inaccessible area that requires special methods to reach for the cleaning to be satisfactorily completed

The most common methods that we adopt when carrying out external facade maintenance include:

  • Aerial platform;
  • Tower (mobile) scaffolding
  • Industrial rope access; and
  • Reach-and-wash


As we are a highly progressive company, we are continually testing and experimenting new techniques, with safety in mind that can enable us to achieve effective end results efficiently.

The safety of our team members has always been and will always be our top priorities when carrying all our works and we adhere strictly to all safety requirements and guidelines stipulated by the Workplace Safety & Health Act (WSH Act) and the relevant authorities. Risk Assessment will also be conducted before commencement of works. Hence, our clients can be assured that no unnecessary negative publicity will be resulted from mishaps arising from failure to observe the necessary safety requirements.

Other services that our External Facade Maintenance Team provides include:

  • Window cleaning;
  • External and internal curtain wall cleaning;
  • Atrium / light well cleaning;
  • Pressure cleaning
  • Graffiti removal; and
  • Structural steel and roof truss cleaning

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