Workforce Singapore

Workforce Singapore UEMS Solutions Pte Ltd tapped on the WorkPro Job Redesign Grant to adopt new technologies benefitting their older workers. Jobs are now easier, safer and smarter for the workers in the company!

NHG Healthcare Supplier Awards – 2017

UEMS Singapore Bags 6 Awards (4 Outstanding Prizes and 2 Merit Prizes) UEMS Singapore clinched a grand total of 6 Awards in all three categories (i.e. Productivity Award, Innovation Award and Continuous Improvement Award) at the Healthcare Supplier Awards Ceremony (HSA) 2017, which was organised by the National Healthcare Group in collaboration with National University Hospital, […]

Enterprise 50 (E50) Award 2016

UEMS IN THE PRESS Business Times Top Stories Nov 16th, 2016 –E50 Awards fete the nimblest in business The Straits Times Nov 16th, 2016 –Smart System to assign jobs Business Times Nov 16th, 2016 –Enterprise 50 Awards winners show ability to ‘future proof’ themselves’ Business Times Nov 16th, 2016 –Serving Hospitals with Innovation

Winners of Enterprise 50 (E50) Award 2016

NOTIFICATION ON 2016 ENTERPRISE 50 (E50) AWARDS “BUILDING FUTURE READY ENTERPRISES”    1.  We are pleased to inform you that UEMS Pte Ltd (“UEMS Group”), comprising of wholly-owned subsidiaries including UEMS Solutions Pte Ltd (“UEMS Singapore”), UEMS Solutions Sdn Bhd (“UEMS Malaysia”) and UEMS Solutions Limited (“UEMS Taiwan”) has received the 2016 Enterprise 50 (E50) Award […]