Industries Overview

We cover various industries such as commercial and industrial sector, healthcare sector, education institutions, education sector and hospitality sector. We discharge professional and first class service to our clients within these sectors with modern tools and technology that promote workplace safety and clients’ security.

UEMS Group as an Integrated Facilities Management Company has the capacity to serve various industries in the world ranging from commercial industries to health care centers. Big industry players often find it difficult to monitor or manage all aspects of their business and that is the reason why they bank on us to take care of every aspect of their business. UEM group serves approximately 5 million sq in the commercial sector alone. Imagine companies had to source information which our staffs have at their finger tips. They would just end up spending more and the information might not be up to date. UEM group offers various management services in the commercial sector which include stone care services, engineering operations, pest control etc.

Health care is a very vital part of every organization, community or country at large. Poor health care management or environment can actually affect a region more than its economic status. With the help of UEM group integrated facility maintenance and clinical technology services our health care clients are able to deliver the best services obtainable with the required efficiency. For patients in every health care setting, time is of essence as this goes a long way in determining the outcome of the patient’s health. Hospitals are actually meant to be healing and restoration places for people. Beyond the surgeries and treatments, there are other aspects of hospitals that can affect individuals if neglected. These include services such as linen and laundry, housekeeping and air quality of the environment.

Youths, they say, are the leaders of tomorrow. A vibrant environment in schools and the like actually goes a long way in affecting how the students think and behave. UEM group works to ensure that student’s environments are made in way that enables their mind to be sharp by keep the environment clean and friendly at all times. This way, people can concentrate on achieving their life goals. Besides the education sector, religion also plays a vital role in the lives of individuals. So it is important that our surroundings of our place of worship actually look as good as it can. UEM group actually integrates the activities of religious institutions into their management scheme to ensure that service times do not interfere with the activities of these institutions.

Our management aims to improve the way industries perform at large. Our customers have come to trust our expert services, and have been fully satisfied in all services rendered as we always get positive feedbacks from them.