Conventional cleaning is not always effective for the elimination of Pathogens. There are areas that are inaccessible and difficult to clean within certain areas of the hospital. Manual cleaning is laborious and time consuming and can even spread the bacteria on the surface if not done properly. Certain medical equipment may not be able to withstand some cleaning agents.

We have our very own new proprietary technological solution to manage this which incorporates electronics software automatic aerosolization disinfection. Bioepurer vapour/aerosol is made of 7% hydrogen peroxide, 0.4 parasitic acid and 5% acetic. The chemical is biodegradable and non-corrosive.

Infection Control Maintenance Programme

Bioepurer is a regular disinfection treatment programme suitable and beneficial in health care setting when used as regular maintenance in the wards, isolation rooms, operating theatre, specialist clinics, endoscopy and any healthcare setting.

Scheduled regular maintenance of areas like operating theatre, endoscopy, and clinics can be done after office hours with no interruption to the operation of service.

Regular or periodic Bioepurer HPV maintenance treatment will enhance the reduction or elimination of accumulated micro-organism. This will prevent any organism to exist and propagate to unaccepted levels which is not effectively eradicated by traditional disinfection solutions. Patient safety is our top priority and by maintaining on a regular treatment, it will reduce environmental nosocomial transmission and save operating costs over time.

While traditional disinfection by housekeepers are required to turnaround infected / high risk areas fast for next use, Bioepurer is highly recommended as a regular treatment at fixed frequency as determined by the ward infection control professional as a maintenance programme to control or eliminate accumulated micro-organisms.

(B) Specialised Treatment / Pandemic Outbreak

Since the SARS pandemic of 2003 and recent threat of Ebola, the need for an effective disinfection solution to check the spread of infection has increasingly becoming more crucial.

Bioepurer can also be used as a specialised treatment by infection control professional in the event of any Pandemic outbreak or suspected areas of infected areas which require a thorough disinfection.

The effectiveness and efficacy of Bioepurer, a new technology for disinfection, is a tested and proven treatment in the prevention of infection outbreak.