energy management

Energy Management & Optimization

Our team of technical experts will conduct comprehensive assessments of the existing facilities in order to evaluate and recommend suitable and effective works to be carried out, such as deferred maintenance, life cycle replacement and modernization enhancement.

A prioritizing and sequencing strategy may be established upon the completion of such comprehensive assessments as each project and the associated costs are identified at a system level and sorting by the primary constituency being served can be accomplished.

Strategic capital planning based on the identified costs and prioritizing of the works to be carried out can therefore enable the operating managers to more effectively plan the allocation of limited funds available. An additional benefit resulting from the ability to plan for effective fund distribution is obtaining a quantitative measurement of the efficiency of facility expenditure in both operating and capital areas.

We also conduct overview assessments of the facility operations and maintenance functions in order to assist the facility managers in identifying and correcting wasteful spending patterns and ensuring that services are delivered timely and cost effectively.

Conduct overview assessments of the facility operations and maintenance functions to identifyand correct wasteful spending patterns