UETrack­™ Services

Knowing where the mobile resources (field crew) are, where they have been, and where are their next scheduled appointments will be very useful when attempting to best manage, distribute and monitor the work load and tasks assigned and in turn, improve responses to customers.

UETrack™ Services allows real-time tracking of the mobile resources’ work progress and hence, enables assigning of the next task to the available resource with the right equipment in the right location, at the right time.

MROT goes beyond mere location tracking but more importantly, progress can be tracked against a given schedule. Furthermore, compliance to predefined business rules and status of jobs as well as use rule-based alarms when job assignments are at risk due to delays or other unplanned events can be monitored. Automatic alarms can be programmed to be sent out when the mobile resources are failing behind schedule and/or when critical jobs are at risk of delay and managers and supervisors will be able to more effectively manage the available resources to execute urgent and/or unplanned jobs.