green technology

Green Technology Engineering

Concerns about global climate change, soaring energy prices, and increased government legislation are driving new priorities and expectations – from consumer products to corporate responsibilities and sustainability plans.

To meet these new demands, companies are not only creating green products and technologies that address these concerns but also changing the processes by which they are manufactured.

With our experienced Singapore Certified Energy Manager (SCEM), we provide the tools, techniques, and technologies to achieve this objective.

  • Innovative and energy efficient design solutions for HVAC, electrical, telecommunications, plumbing and fire protection systems
  • Energy model designs to assess the energy consumption of a building and quantity of the savings attributable to the proposed design, such as optimal cooling
  • Evaluate energy-saving concepts such as optimal cooling load and ensuring compliance with the standard energy codes for new construction or remodeling
  • Green Mark and environmental consulting to implement green initiatives from planning to drafting procedure, training and compliance
  • Keep abreast of latest energy saving and sustainability schemes and trends from regulating authorities

Keep abreast of latest energy saving and sustainability schemes