Portering Services

Portering – Role in hospital

Portering plays a vital role in the healthcare industry. It directly and indirectly impacts on the service level of the hospitals. The waiting time for patients, the urgency of blood specimen reaching the wards on-time, and the right technique to transfer patients and most of all, the smile on their faces when they greet patients.

Portering Works cope includes both patient moves and non-patient moves:

  • Move patients within hospital
  • Move patients to other hospitals
  • Move specimens
  • Move Pharmaceutical products
  • Move case notes and internal mails
  • Move documents
  • Move equipment
  • Move deceased and body parts to Mortuary
  • Maintain bays and ensure the availability of wheelchairs and bed trolleys at all times


UEMS – Expertise

With more than 20 years of experience in Portering service in the healthcare industry, we have a sizable team of experienced porters who are efficiently trained and highly-skilled to embark on the portering jobs. Our training programmes are comprehensive and we also constantly review them to ensure that they are aligned to current healthcare requirements. Over the years, our training programmes have equipped our porters with the knowledge to handle all tasks in an efficient and productive approach. Our strong presence in major healthcare establishments have enabled us to acquire vested knowledge over the years on how the hospital operate. We constantly value-add by leveraging on technology to improve productivity of our porters as well as to achieve high service standards at all times.

UEMS – Technology (Right Person, Right Job, Right Time)

The system allows us to manage the complex and ever-changing 3-dimensional parameters (people, job and time), resulting us to achieve optimal and accurate deployment of correct resources to complete jobs on timely basis. The system is designed specially in a healthcare setup whereby it is able to effectively manage tasks based on priority, along with the deployment of the right resources at appropriate timing to carry out a task. With this, it is able to result in more consistency in our service delivery standards across all jobs.

Knowing where the mobile resources (field crew) are, where they have been, and where will their next scheduled appointments, these will be very useful when attempting to best manage, distribute and monitor the workload and tasks assigned which will in turn improve response time and completion time for any task assigned.

UEMS Solution allows real-time tracking of the mobile resources’ work progress and hence, enables assigning of the next task to the available resource with the right equipment in the right location, at the right time.

UEMS Solution goes beyond mere location tracking but more importantly, progress can be tracked against a given schedule. Furthermore, compliance to predefined business rules and status of jobs as well as use rule-based alarms when job assignments are at risk due to delays or other unplanned events can be monitored. Automatic alarms can be programmed to be sent out when the mobile resources are falling behind schedule and/or when critical jobs are at risk of delay and managers and supervisors will be able to more effectively manage the available resources to execute urgent and/or unplanned jobs.