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UEMS Solutions Pte Ltd tapped on the WorkPro Job Redesign Grant to adopt new technologies benefitting their older workers. Jobs are now easier, safer and smarter for the workers in the company!

Healthcare Supplier Awards

NHG Healthcare Supplier Awards - 2017

UEMS Singapore Bags 6 Awards  (4 Outstanding Prizes and 2 Merit Prizes)

UEMS Singapore clinched a grand total of 6 Awards in all three categories (i.e. Productivity Award, Innovation Award and Continuous Improvement Award) at the Healthcare Supplier Awards Ceremony (HSA) 2017, which was organised by the National Healthcare Group in collaboration with National University Hospital, Health Promotion Board and Agency for Integrated Care on 31 October 2017. Please see for more information.

The HSA 2017 aims to encourage more strategic win-win initiatives between the suppliers and the participating healthcare institutions, leading to enhanced patient care and safety, reduced operational risk, and improved operational efficiency and productivity.

UEMS' relentless drive in embarking on quality and productivity initiatives and implementing them successfully at the affiliated healthcare facilities over the past few years {i.e. Khoo Teck Puat Hospital (KTPH), National University Hospital [Medical Centre; NUH (Medical Centre)], Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH), Yishun Community Hospital (YCH)} has been recognised by the healthcare industry (see below Table).

Award Category Title of Project Award
Productivity Enhancing Spot Cleaning Productivity via I-Mop Machine at KTPH


Productivity UETrack™ Toilet Demand Inspection System – Pioneering Restroom Cleaning on Demand at NUH (Medical Centre) Outstanding
Innovation UETrack™ Housekeeping Performance-Based System Module – Strengthening Inter-Departmental Collaboration at NUH (Medical Centre) Outstanding
Continuous Improvement Enhancing UETrack™ Portering System for Smart Assignment of Jobs at TTSH Outstanding
Continuous Improvement Improving the Quality of Housekeeping via UETrack™ Housekeeping Performance-Based System Inspection Module at YCH Merit
Continuous Improvement KAIVAC – Professionalizing Restroom Cleaning at NUH (Medical Centre) Merit

UEMS’ productivity journey began more than 5 years ago when the service industry was confronted with major challenges such as increased cleanliness standards in the healthcare environment, higher expectations on service quality, tight local labour market, and greater operating costs. To navigate successfully in a heightened operating environment, UEMS focused on building organisational and operational capabilities such as strengthening its training, reward and retention systems, better planning and optimization of finite resources as well as leveraging on its own in-house proprietary technology systems and cutting-edge cleaning equipment and mechanization. With the aim of maintaining greater control of improving service quality, UEMS designed and developed the UETrack™ capabilities internally where operational processes such as attendance monitoring, deployment of available manpower, inter-departmental communication of issues, and daily and joint inspections are automated into one single system for greater synergistic outcomes.

These projects have been shown to greatly enhance housekeeping and portering standards, contribute to a cleaner, hygienic environment, productivity results, real-time updates, flexibility, customization according to different clientele needs, scalability, more engaged supervisors and staff who can better support healthcare operations and deliver greater overall experience for patients, visitors and staff. Lastly, the most important function of UETrack™ helps to promote integrity and trust in the way UEMS conducts its businesses by providing clients with data transparency for making good decisions.

E50 2016

Winners of Enterprise 50 (E50) Award 2016



1.  We are pleased to inform you that UEMS Pte Ltd (“UEMS Group”), comprising of wholly-owned subsidiaries including UEMS Solutions Pte Ltd ("UEMS Singapore"), UEMS Solutions Sdn Bhd ("UEMS Malaysia") and UEMS Solutions Limited ("UEMS Taiwan") has received the 2016 Enterprise 50 (E50) Award on 15 November 2016.


2. The E50 Awards seek to recognise the 50 most enterprising privately-owned local companies in Singapore. The ranking of the top 50 companies was primarily based on a set of qualitative criteria that include business model, productivity and innovation, management ideals and governance, risk management, and market presence in the region and beyond. In addition, a set of quantitative performance indicators over a three-year period was also taken into consideration in ranking the companies.


3.  We are a second time recipient of the E50 Awards and are happy to inform that we are ranked Top 3, i.e. 3 rd position out of 50 recipient companies this year. This clearly shows the credentials of the Company and the ability to stay ahead of the curve through our readiness to adapt our strategies and operations to changing market conditions and continue to embrace innovation, technology and new business models.


4. The Enterprise 50 (E50) Awards, first established in 1995, recognises local, privately-owned companies who have contributed to economic development in Singapore and abroad. It is jointly organised by The Business Times and KPMG, supported by the International Enterprise Singapore, Singapore Business Federation, Singapore Exchange and Spring Singapore. The E50 Awards is sponsored by OCBC Bank.

5. As a Valued Client of UEMS Singapore, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your unwavering support throughout these years and look forward to your continued support as we embark to serve you even better in the years to come in this exciting journey ahead.


Yours sincerely,









E50 2016

Enterprise 50 (E50) Award 2016


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Notification on Change of Company Name from UE Managed Solutions Singapore Pte Ltd. to UEMS Solutions Pte Ltd.

1. Please be informed that our company name, UE Managed Solutions Singapore Pte. Ltd. has officially been changed to UEMS Solutions Pte Ltd with immediate effect. The existing company registration number <198803772H> would remain the same.

2. All terms and conditions of the existing agreements with our customers, vendors and contractors shall remain unchanged. Please update your record and address all quotations, invoices, delivery orders and correspondence to UEMS Solutions Pte Ltd.

3. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers, vendors and contractors for your support throughout these years and look forward to your continued support.

Tan Cheh Tian (Ms)
General Manager
UEMS Solutions Pte Ltd