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Good Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is required for a healthy indoor work environment. Poor indoor air quality is contributory to a variety of short term and long term health problems such as allergic reactions, respiratory problems, eye irritation, sinusitis, bronchitis and pneumonia.

Our program comprises of thorough research, investigations and surveys relating to the causes, effects and extent of indoor pollution on site. Prevention and control measures will then be designed and implemented to ensure the air quality is maintained within healthy and/or regulatory range.

Scope of work performed

Survey of air conditioning system would involve identifying compliance to design and or required standards, such as provision of required air exchanges, levels of filtration, standard and quality of fresh air intake, percentage of re-circulated air, standard and quality of re-circulated air and provision of chilled water.
  • Survey to assess the condition and compliance of the air handling unit(s) and the component parts.
  • Visual inspection would be conducted to inspect duct insulation, type of attenuation and internal conditions, either manually or by use of robotic camera.
  • Identifying the standard of indoor air quality being provided currently by the system, and/or being created by fabrics etc. within the built environment will be established by measuring parameters of total volatile organic compounds (TVOC), carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde respirable particulate by density and aerodynamic diameter Measurement of these parameters will be measured by our occupational hygienist and indoor air quality assessor.
The sampling will also include fabric analysis within the built environment as well as the air being supplied by the system. Besides the five standard parameter checks, we will also include testing bacterial contamination and load throughout the building and entire air conditioning system and its component parts. A comprehensive condition appraisal will be provided inclusive of risk assessment identifying:-
  • Problems that may exist and their effects
  • Solutions

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