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UEMS Solutions Sdn. Bhd. understands that care and the environment are interdependent at every level, UEMS Solutions Sdn. Bhd. provides clinical support services that are core to the patient care process and directly impact the entire healthcare continuum. Regionally, UEMS Solutions Sdn. Bhd. currently serves over 100 healthcare clients, in access of 25 million sq ft providing integrated facility maintenance and clinical technology services.

UEMS Solutions Sdn. Bhd.’s clients are supported by a diverse network of people who influence everything from patient care to employee satisfaction. Ultimately, the culture created makes quality care possible. Patient satisfaction, employee retention, patient throughput, operational efficiency – it’s all connected. No one understands this better than UEMS Solutions Sdn. Bhd.. That’s why we are at the core of quality care.

UEMS Solutions Sdn. Bhd.’s Integrated Facility Management service offerings for the Healthcare segment include :

Integrated Facilities Management
Plant operation and Maintenance Facilities Engineering Services(ES)
Planned and reactive maintenance designed to extend asset life, reduce costs, and promote service responsiveness.
Engineering Asset Management Engineering Asset Management
Provides a systematic process of maintaining, upgrading and operating physical assets cost effectively.
Condition Appraisal Condition Appraisal
Provides critical information to develop facility’s condition database that can be used for purposes such as asset valuations, prepare long term asset investment plans, achieve a balance between capital and maintenance funds, benchmark maintenance expenditure and benchmark property condition.
Indoor Air Quality and Duct Cleaning Indoor Air Quality and Duct Cleaning
Provides IAQ program to achieve a healthy indoor work environment and meet regulatory compliances.
Housekeeping Housekeeping
Planning and management services that ensure cleanliness and safety and visibly impact the facility’s aesthetics.
Grounds & Landscape Grounds & Landscape Comprehensive landscape planning and care for enhanced facility’s image and beautification.
External Façade Maintenance External Facade Maintenance
Helps client’s facility to achieve an immaculate external image and overcome the effects of weathering and pollution.
Pest Control Pest Control Integrated pest management services.
Strategic and Technical
Energy Management Energy Management
Strategies for achieving immediate operational savings, plus long-range master plans that balance equipment investments, growth, and financial resources.
Capital Project Management Capital Project Management
Representation throughout construction, renovation, and recurring capital projects – from planning and design to occupancy.
Building Commissioning Building Commissioning
Assurance that ongoing and completed projects satisfy program expectations and properly prepare for acceptance and operations.
Strategic Facility Planning Strategic Facility Planning
Analysis and action plans to improve facility performance and resource utilization to better support the client’s objectives.

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